Get To Know Cleo

Cleo is one of our special ladies residing in the Protected Harbor women’s home. We have watched her thrive in this loving Christian home for adults with developmental disabilities.  Cleo is full of joy and blossoms in this caring and nurturing environment.

Cleo and all the ladies have a wonderful sense of camaraderie as they work together in the kitchen planning and preparing meals telling jokes, laughing, and enjoying each other’s company. “What do you call a silent dog?” Ashley asks. “I know,” exclaims Cleo, “A hush puppy!” God’s love is evident in their radiant smiles and happy laughter.

Three days a week, Cleo goes to a program, along with Tiffany and Kimber, at Goodwill in Fort Myers where they do amazing things in their classes.  The Pathways to Opportunity program is for adults with physical or intellectual disabilities, and it features group classes based on a participant’s needs and interests. Courses range from money management to relationship building to computer skills to performance arts. This program also publishes a monthly newsletter that Cleo contributes to. Her recent articles include one about the increased amount of marriage proposals on Valentine’s Day and a St. Patrick’s Day article. Goodwill’s Pathways to Opportunity was recently featured on the front page of the News-Press… click here to view photos that ran with the story, including two pictures of Kimber.

Cleo’s favorite activity is drawing. “I like to draw a lot of different things,” she explains. Cleo loves the color purple, chocolate, and spending time with the other ladies and their home parents.

Cleo and all of the ladies look forward to their many outings in the community.  When the ladies go out to dinner as a group, they take turns deciding where they would like to go. When it is Cleo’s turn, she chooses Wendy’s. They also go to movies and plays such as Shrek and Joseph and the Technicolor Dream Coat at the Barbara B. Mann Performing Arts Center.

She also loves spending time with the students of the Key Club from Gulf Coast High School who visit the home regularly. This group has been visiting with the ladies of Protected Harbor for several years so they have watched these bright and engaging students grow up. “We have field day with them and we decorate things,” Cleo explains.

Cleo looks forward to visits from her mom and dad and sees them frequently.  She recalls a recent outing where they picked her up and took her out for dinner.  “I got so excited, I jumped up and down like a jumping bean!” she happily explains.

We are so grateful that the ladies have this home that allows them to express their unique gifts, talents and interests. Please join us in praising God for this home which provides them with love, care and an environment that glorifies God. Please pray that we will continue to serve these ladies and many others to come as Protected Harbor continues to grow and expand.