Behind the Smiles: Meet Janie


Protective Harbor provides a loving home for our residential clients, and once familiarized with their new surroundings they settle in assured that they will be treated like members of a wonderful new family.

Janie is one of our residential “family” members. She loves the warmth she receives from staff and residents alike. Janie embraces and enjoys Protected Harbor’s many group activities both in-house and during the many outings offered. She especially loves going to the beach. When asked where she would most like to travel, she answers, “Where there is a beach.” Protected Harbor strives to create full meaningful lives for its clients. A trip to Sea World late last year was memorable for Janie and seeing the animals and performances was something she will never forget.

Janie appreciates the help she receives managing her life, particularly having someone help keep her current with her medications and help her complete household tasks that she finds difficult to accomplish. She set major a goal for herself: learning to manage her finances without outside help.

Janie embraces the simple things in life, wishing for things within her grasp; a dish of pasta, petting a puppy, time to exercise, and going for a walk on the beach. Living in Florida is ideal with the pleasant weather and the opportunity for spending time outdoors year-round.

Her favorite Bible verse is “Let not your hearts be troubled. Believe in God; believe also in me.” John 14:1