Volunteer Spotlight – Alyssa Hayes

Alyssa Hayes started volunteering at Protected Harbor soon after it opened. She learned about Protected Harbor through church connections. Now, she serves on the Board and remains an active volunteer with the Ladies’ Home.

During the summer, Alyssa goes to the home to participate in activities with residents. They have painted flower pots, made clay stepping stones, cooked, and made seasonal crafts. She has spent time with one of the residents, Tiffany, at the zoo in Naples, and has had the residents visit her home for pool time and lunch each year.

Alyssa has a master’s degree from Loyola University in Baltimore in Speech-Language Pathology and has been a Speech Pathologist for 25 years. Alyssa has always worked with children with developmental disabilities and has done extensive speech work with Protected Harbor resident Tiffany. Originally nonverbal, Alyssa has helped Tiffany to produce a whisper voice through speech activities and iPad programs. Tiffany is now able to produce an audible voice.

Alyssa says she is grateful for the time she gets to spend with the ladies and the house staff. She values the relationship that she has built with the house staff and admires their service to this ministry. Alyssa feels that the residents truly bless her with their childlike faith and personalities.

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