Behind the Smiles: Meet Amy

We are excited to welcome Amy as the newest member of Protected Harbor’s residential family. Amy’s mom was introduced to Protected Harbor by the church’s mission leader at United Methodist Church in Estero. The leader was well acquainted with the ministry and our CEO, Loretta Mottram. Amy joined as a permanent resident at the end of November 2021 and is living at our Camino Road home.

Amy and her parents had visited Protected Harbor and participated in previous social activities. Then, in October, they joined the residents, board members, and volunteers at the three-day Trailways Spiritual Camp. Amy’s mom, Paula, expressed that Amy was “walking on air” after attending the camp. She loved canoeing and acquiring new friends while having lots of fun. Behind her smile was a desire to join this new family. Her experience confirmed Protected Harbor is the right place for their daughter.

The following month the decision was made, as Amy officially embraced this new chapter of her life.  Amy’s favorite thing about this transition is that God is a priority in the home, mirroring the environment in which her parents raised her. Amy loves her new family and friends and particularly appreciates the staff who treat her with love and respect. She keeps busy by socializing, reading, working on puzzles, and horseback riding.

Amy’s favorite verse (I Corinthians 6:19-20) exemplifies her complete surrender to her Savior. She describes herself as being blessed with a great sense of humor, enabling her to make friends quickly by breaking the ice in social situations. Her fellow residents enjoy her humor and embrace her with joy.

Amy’s arrival is especially notable as an example of the growth and influence Protected Harbor is experiencing. It is one more step to fulfilling our vision to continue reaching an increasing number of God’s Special People through our mission.