Behind the Smiles: Meet Ashley

Ashley and friends

Residing in a Protected Harbor home, Ashley has adjusted very well. She describes herself as being very happy living amongst friends and staff. She demonstrates her contentment by helping with daily tasks around the home and encouraging her housemates in their endeavors.

Additionally, Ashley demonstrates her giving nature by volunteering at her church. The balanced feeling of being needed both in the house and at church gives her great satisfaction and peace. During her leisure time at home, she enjoys interacting with the staff and fellow residents, by engaging in various activities including completing puzzles and cooking her favorite meals. She is proud of her ability to contribute.

Ashley’s favorite outdoor activities are walking, swimming, and riding her bike. She loves living in Florida because of the many beaches close by. The soothing sound of the waves gives her peace of mind. Sometimes while watching her housemates play basketball, the rare mood strikes, and she even joins them in a game! She has expressed the desire to learn crocheting, and eventually create a blanket.

Besides leaving the house to attend and volunteer at church, Ashley loves going to Olive Garden where she enjoys her favorite meals without having to clean up afterward! Ashley is happy to let everyone know that her favorite book of the Bible is Psalms, which she reads during her quiet time.