Behind the Smiles: Meet Ashley

Ashley is one of Protected Harbor’s residents who contributes greatly to the smooth running of the house she resides in. She has made herself an important part of the prep and cooking team, becoming an integral participant in the success of the daily family dinners.  She loves living at Protected Harbor and regards it as her home and her fellow residents her brothers and sisters.

Much like several of her peers, Ashley volunteers in the Food Ministry of McGregor Baptist Church when school is in session. Her supervisors there praise her for her diligence on the job and occasionally invite her to work with them in the kitchen for other special events at the church. When she is not working, Ashley loves to spend time solving puzzles on her iPad, or engaging in an exciting game of Candy Crush. She chooses apps and games that help sharpen her decision making and thinking skills. She recently took up disc golfing, an activity her housemates also love. They are all looking forward to visiting an actual disc golf course to play their first non-virtual round.

Ashley loves her family and looks forward to holidays or special occasions giving her the opportunity to spend time with them. She is an avid Ohio State fan, proof of which is in her choice of attire: jersey, pants and even earrings with all the markings of the Buckeyes. All other teams need not apply!

Dennis, a staff member at Protected Harbor 1, observed that “Ashley is one of the best workers I’ve seen. She is always on the lookout for something to do and always provides excellent help when it comes to preparing meals. I can always count on Ashley to be ready to help out.”