Behind the Smiles: Meet Cleo

Cleo was one of the original residents of our first Protected Harbor home. In that role, she has developed deep friendships and paved the way for all newcomers. She feels this is truly her home and her friends are her family. She happily states, “When I came to Protected Harbor, my life changed for the better”. She is particularly grateful to the staff who help her develop new skills. Currently, Cleo is helping prepare meals and learning to cook new dishes.

She enjoys going for long walks outside with the other girls, chatting amiably about the day’s events and the many books she loves to read. In fact, she considers herself a true “bookworm”. Besides reading, Cleo loves watching classic black and white movies, often imagining herself as one of the characters, dressed in glamorous vintage clothing. Swimming is another passion of hers, declaring she can swim like a mermaid!

Cleo attends the community Goodwill program during the day and enjoys the various classes there. Her favorite activity though is going out to dinner with her parents. Culver’s is always her first choice, and she regularly orders her favorite butter burger.

At the Protected Harbor homes, every birthday is celebrated. Cleo embraces the festivities with enthusiastic glee. She also delights in the Christmas season. The excitement of the preparations, the decorations, and the festivities give her great joy.

With all the hobbies, classes, fun activities, and tasks like keeping her room neat, what else does Cleo still wish to accomplish? She would love to learn to play the guitar!