Behind the Smiles: Meet Deb

Meet Deb

Like each of our clients at Protected Harbor, Deb brings her own unique personality and experiences to the group. As a native Floridian, who has never lived elsewhere, she loves the beauty and the weather, except of course during periods of heavy storms.

Deb enjoys the camaraderie with the other ladies and living at PH2 fills her with joy as they share smiles and laughter. She also appreciates the help she receives from the staff, admitting she particularly needs guidance when it comes to sticking to her budget!

Her daily routine consists of a morning cup of coffee, playing games on her phone, working out with online videos, and helping with house cleaning. Her TV choices are Cup Cake Wars on the Food Network and watching Game of Thrones.

As an avid animal lover, the surrounding area gives her plenty to keep her occupied. Bird watching particularly intrigues her; she enjoys researching the species of birds she observes. Spending time with her family and walking through weekly Farmer’s Markets round up the spectrum of her interests.

Deb was born on December 1st, so it’s no surprise Christmas is by far her favorite holiday. The beauty of living in Florida is that she can enjoy her birthday month swimming at the beach or in a pool. She was able to do a lot of swimming at the last Trailways Camp, an event she will always remember. This past year she also asked to be baptized, a decision she is very proud of.

Her aspirations include traveling to Alaska one day and having the opportunity to see animals not normally seen in Florida. Learning Latin and Greek are two other ambitious goals she has expressed achieving. Deb doesn’t have a favorite Bible verse but loves reading all the Gospels.