Behind the Smiles: Meet Deb

Deb moved into Protected Harbor in July of 2019. Before that she lived in a group home in Texas, so she had no prior connection or even awareness of our existence. Since arriving in her new home, she has adjusted well to her new lifestyle which provides greater independence plus innumerable chances for friendships, activities, and socialization.

Deb’s daily schedule begins with a large cup of coffee and some quiet time, reading, and prayer. She loves animals, cats in particular, so much of her interest revolves around the care of domesticated animals and researching wildlife. In fact, she wishes she could volunteer at an animal shelter.

Protected Harbor has made Deb feel wanted and cared for. In her own words: Living here “gives me a sense of wellbeing, comfort and I feel safe. It is like God giving me a hug”. Those words can only come from a genuinely thankful heart.

Despite her disabilities, Deb has an interesting resume which includes having attended college for two years and studying French for four years. While at Protected Harbor she will be able to continue her academic pursuits using many of the opportunities offered at the house. Other major goals in her life are learning more about Jesus and how to live a healthy life.