Behind the Smiles: Meet Dennis


Dennis became the very first resident at our Briarcliff home after the grand opening on February 1st, 2018. He will always welcome you with a bright smile that outwardly expresses his feeling of total contentment since living with his new “family”.

He enjoys hanging out with his housemates, engaging in hands-on cooking chores in the kitchen, and doing laundry. One of the chores he likes most is keeping his living quarters neat and clean.

Living in Florida affords Dennis the pleasure of taking long walks outdoors year-round. He also takes daily bus rides to his day program, where he joins other housemates serving food to kids at his church.

Some favorite and memorable events he has participated in are “Night to Shine”, providing the opportunity to dress up and party, and going to Sea World, allowing him to see his favorite mammals, dolphins.

Dennis enjoys visiting his mother on weekends and eating at Perkins, his favorite restaurant. His favorite book in the Bible is the Book of Psalms; he draws inspiration from reading and hearing them.