Behind the Smiles: Meet Johnny

At age fifty-eight and a diagnosis of intellectual disabilities and autism, Johnny was navigating life independently, with the assistance of neighbors and friends. However, Johnny’s independence was threatened when the condo he was living in was sold. With no formal life plan in place, Sylvia, his sister, and guardian, were at a loss for how to best assist her brother. Then she received information about Protected Harbor from a family friend.

Sylvia and Johnny visited Protected Harbor and met with the Case Management team. This team, partially funded by the Golisano Foundation, embraced Sylvia and Johnny, and set out to assist. They helped by finding resources, establishing life plan goals, and providing information for various funding opportunities.

Upon learning of a potential living situation suitable for Johnny, the Protected Harbor Case Management Team shared the information with Sylvia. Johnny’s family support system was able to make the living situation a reality. Johnny moved into his new house with a roommate, on August 1. This allows him to remain independent, meet new friends, have new community opportunities, and be safe. Additionally, he was able to expand his community integration by attending an Adult Day Training Program.

As a client, Johnny will continue to receive assistance and the Case Management team will remain an advocate for him. Johnny and his new roommate will also join Protected Harbor during events and outings. Today, Johnny embraces his increased opportunities. Knowing Johnny is safe and well cared for, Sylvia can rest easy with the freedom to take care of her own needs.

This is just one family; however, it is the same story for hundreds of families in Southwest Florida. There is an intense need for services and funding in our area. Families need a place to find resources and direction. Maneuvering through governmental and agency channels can be a difficult task. The Case Management Team at Protected Harbor embraces families and loved ones with the expertise to avoid crises, navigate the channels and provide hope and a better life.