Behind the Smiles: Meet Kimber

Kimber and Friends

Meet Kimber, a young lady who loves the outdoors. She especially enjoys living in Florida and the opportunity to spend many hours gardening outside her home. She enjoys pulling weeds and picking up palm fronds; both are plentiful all year round.

Kimber was curious about her heritage. She took a DNA test, revealing she is 97% Korean. This revelation piqued her interest in enjoying Korean food and researching travel there. She would love to have her housemate, Tiffany, teach her how to write in Korean. She considers Tiffany very proficient in it.

Kimber’s hero is her older sister who also has a disability. Her sister’s disability didn’t stop her from attending college, getting a degree in deaf education, and adopting a foster child. Kimber looks up to her and admires her success in life.

Kimber’s favorite reason for living in the PH community is her new-found family. The staff and fellow residents have become just that. She finds joy in interacting with everyone and especially being able to approach staff whenever needed. They are always there for her.

The staff helps her arrange doctors’ appointments, takes her shopping, reminds her of daily chores she needs to complete, and is always working on teaching her new skills. She also enjoys volunteering in her church’s kitchen and going horseback riding.

One exciting event Kimber is looking forward to is the Mighty Mussels baseball game on June 3, 2023, in Ft. Myers. The minor league facility hosts an annual Faith & Family Night event featuring local non-profits in the community. Last year, Protected Harbor supporters bought over 100 tickets, showed up to spend time with our clients, enjoyed a great game, and watched Kimber throw the first pitch! Tickets will be available for purchase through our website soon.

Kimber’s favorite Bible chapter is I Corinthians 14 which begins, “Follow the way of love”.