Behind the Smiles: Meet Kristin

Meet Kristin

Kristin joined us one year ago and considers Protected Harbor her new extended family. She loves her new surroundings, her friends, and especially the staff because they are always there to help her when she needs them. They also help her focus on what really matters on any given day.

She’s very proud to have lost some excess weight and has learned to eat well while remaining in good health. Her favorite activities are spending time with her family whenever possible, swimming, watching bowling, and doing chores like cleaning and wiping down tables. Her favorite food is pasta, but she had difficulty naming her favorite restaurant because “there are too many to choose from”, according to her.

Since moving to Protected Harbor, Kristin’s very favorite memory is attending Trailways Spiritual Camp last spring where she participated in fun activities with her new friends. Her future aspiration is to be able to travel. For now, she does so vicariously by viewing exotic, faraway lands on TV.