Behind the Smiles: Meet Tommy


We recently welcomed Tommy as a new addition to our family. His friendly personality and wide smile cannot be ignored. In fact, he has become quite famous around town, thanks to his volunteering at a local Publix Supermarket, where he has a chance to interact with hundreds of people who shop there.

Tommy lives at home with his family and recently began receiving some of Protected Harbor’s services. Amanda is his Direct Support Professional, and he enjoys spending time with her. She engages him in activities such as swimming, watching movies, visiting the library, or getting a haircut.

When not with Amanda, Tommy keeps busy doing daily chores, helping his parents with their business by retrieving the mail, going to the bank, and running errands. He also loves cuddling with his mom, Judy, especially at bedtime and in the morning. Those are special times for them both.

It’s easy to find Tommy acting silly by dancing and singing around the house; he considers this his exercise time! His all-time favorite movie is Grease, and he impersonates the main character well, especially since he has memorized all the words of the songs featured in the film!

Tommy is brimming with energy, fueled by his favorite meal at the local McDonald’s: a cheeseburger, fries, and a large Coke. The meal is usually topped off with cookies or other sweets. One of his dreams is to visit one of the Disney parks and meet all his favorite characters in person.