Board Member Spotlight: Meet Kerry Kubacki

Kerry and family

Kerry Kubacki’s decision to join Protected Harbor was a true act of faith. In 2020 he was infected with a severe case of Covid, sending him to the ICU and leaving him hospitalized for 21 days. During this harrowing time, he was left with only prayer and self-reflection, which convinced him he was needed in the ministry of Protected Harbor. Before that Kerry had attended meetings as a “friend of the board” introduced to us by his longtime friend and Board President Jeff Buchholz with whom he attends Bible study.

Once released from the hospital, Kerry communicated with Jeff his intention to join as a Board member. He believed that his prior experience with real estate and building could be of help as our organization expands with its plans for future development.

Kerry Kubacki has served on the Board of Protected Harbor for almost two years. He originally hails from Chicago but has been a Floridian for over forty years. His career as Director of Sales and as a Real Estate Broker began in 1987. He also worked in Real Estate for 15 years in Naples prior to retiring in 2008.

Kerry feels that Protected Harbor is a “hidden gem” of an organization. The population served is appreciative of the help they receive, evidenced by their contagious smiles. He has seen the impact of Protected Harbor’s work firsthand, attending Trailways Camp, volunteering at the Olympics, and helping at our yearly luncheons. He has seen that God’s special people are indeed “special!”

Kerry enjoys spending time with his wife Trish and their two sons, as well as cycling several times a week with a group of friends. Always selflessly ready to lend a hand wherever and whenever a need presents itself, Kerry’s favorite Bible verse is Isaiah 43:5 “Fear not, for I am with you…”