Board Member Spotlight: Tanya Croy

This month we are highlighting Board Member Tanya Croy for her dedication to the mission of Protected Harbor. Tanya has had a love for people with developmental disabilities since her early twenties. This love transcended through her many years of teaching middle school in Naples, Florida. She has made a point to be actively involved in causes that have missions aligning with that of Protected Harbor.

Tanya had always remained educated about causes supporting individuals with developmental disabilities. Having heard about the development and growth of Protected Harbor for years, when the invitation to join the Protected Harbor board arose, she did not hesitate to get involved. Tanya is an active member of the Board of Directors and holds a position on the Fundraising Committee where she assists with the fundraising and expansion efforts so that Protected Harbor may grow in the future. Tanya is loved by the residents as she makes it a point to visit the houses and remind the residents how much their Board loves them. Seeing the quality of the group homes and support staff, the joy of the residents and knowing the Lord is sought and glorified in everything Protected Harbor does, has made her service as a Board Member a treasured blessing every day

Please keep Tanya and the rest of the Board in your prayers so that they may guide Protected Harbor in the direction given to them by the Lord.

Thank you for your service, Tanya.