Celebrating Bob

Roughly fifteen years ago, the Lord called Bob Schubring to Protected Harbor. Bob has played an integral part in the advancement of Protected Harbor for over 15 years and has proven to be a blessing to every individual involved with Protected Harbor. It is a bittersweet occasion that Bob Schubring will be stepping down as the President of Protected Harbor’s Board.

Bob was recruited by George and Athena Pappas about 15 years ago. During the first three years of his service, he was involved with the ministry but did not assume a leadership role within the organization until 12 years ago. Bob began getting involved more and more with the organization until he assumed the position of President. Bob was vital in the recruitment of Board members, many of whom were from First Baptist Church. With the help of the new Board, Bob began to pray and research how to procure the first home. The building of the first home started when the Lord led a very special donor to Protected Harbor who supplied a significant portion of the funds that the organization needed to begin the building process. During this time, Bob and George worked with the Florida Baptist Children’s Association to sublet property from McGregor Baptist Church site at $1 a year for 99 years. Bob quotes this time as “God opening the door for Protected Harbor.” With Bob’s construction knowledge, he helped with the design for the home. When it came to the building, Bob became the unpaid superintendent of the home, saving Protected Harbor many dollars.

More Board members were recruited and more ideas flourished. With the completion of the first home, Bob and his wife Pat then recruited Perry and Beverly Duncan to run the home as residents began to move in. By the grace of God, Protected Harbor opened its doors to its first home in September 2010. During this time, Bob was an integral component in all aspects of the home, including insurance, financing, etc.

In 2017, with the help of God, Bob and Protected Harbor moved forward with the development of a second home. Bob helped obtain the land, re-zoning of the land, and assisted in the intricacies of the final phases of the planning. Protected Harbor, with support from Soukup Strategic Solutions, obtained the necessary funds for the completion of the home. Because of funding requirements, Bob could not serve as the superintendent of the second project. That did not stop Bob from being deeply involved with the process. He was on the property almost every day ensuring that the process was running smoothly.

Bob’s heart is still with the people of Protected Harbor, in both the leadership and the residents. He believes that Protected Harbor fills a niche that would not be filled without Protected Harbor. Bob has been preparing his successor while he continues to work with all aspects of Protected Harbor. He has paved the way for the Board’s shared vision for the future. Bob remains committed to the mission and has pledged to continue to provide his expertise. If another building project becomes available in the future, he plans to be on-site daily doing what he does best – supervising. Bob attributes his success with Protected Harbor to God first, his wife Pat, the residents, the Board, and the staff at Protected Harbor.


Thank you for everything Bob, you are a blessing to Protected Harbor and we appreciate your Presidency.