Friend of the Board Spotlight: Beth Burgham

Beth and Family

                                                                          Beth, Spouse David, and Son Simon

Being a “Friend of the Board” at Protected Harbor is as important as any other position within this ministry. Each person brings their unique abilities, point of view, and talent.

Beth Burgham is one such person; she has always had a giving spirit and heart for those in need. For the past twenty-two years, Beth has taught middle school students with various disabilities. She has combined compassion with professionalism to bring out the best in each circumstance.

Beth became aware of Protected Harbor through her friendship with board member, Tanya Croy. As a result, we are thrilled to welcome her as a new Friend of the Board. The special friends who join that group enhance our mission through their generous service, support, dedication, and commitment.

Students with learning disabilities benefit from Beth’s guidance and support as she teaches alongside general education teachers. Tanya appreciated how skillfully Beth worked and how she loved the students. Nearing retirement, Beth had begun to look for ways to serve others now and remain active in the future. When the opportunity arose, Tanya eagerly shared the mission and vision of Protected Harbor knowing Beth would be a perfect fit.


We are so grateful for Beth and her willingness to come alongside our residents, staff, and board. She is excited to participate in the growth and future she sees for Protected Harbor. We are doubly fortunate that her husband, Dave, has also embraced our residents and has volunteered in some of their social activities. We also look forward to their son Simon joining us when he has time between work and college classes.


Beth’s favorite Bible verse is from James 2:26, “Faith without works is dead”. As she continues to commit herself to serving others, Beth prays her faith and work will continue to bring glory to God.