Friend of the Board Spotlight: David Hammerstrom

Meet David Hammerstrom

David attended a yearly event held at First Baptist Naples a couple of years ago. This was pivotal and the beginning of his engagement with Protected Harbor. The event titled Missionary Sunday is when worldwide and local missions are showcased, and one that Protected Harbor regularly participates in. Dave spoke with our board president, Jeff Buchholz, that day. Jeff introduced him to our ministry and our purpose for being. His interest was immediately piqued, prompting him to become a “Friend of the Board”. A year later, he became a full board member and serves on the Governance and Executive Committee.

David came to us from a brilliant career in banking. Most recently, he worked as Executive Vice President and Senior Loan Officer at a prominent bank in Connecticut. Joining Protected Harbor helps to fulfill a deep and different urgency in his soul: the call from God to assist and care for those less fortunate, coupled with the need to give back to God’s Kingdom. Through his involvement with Protected Harbor, David sees how the mission impacts the lives of many people. He smiles, knowing that Protected Harbor helps with physical needs but, most importantly, their spiritual growth in an environment where the love of Christ is shared and demonstrated daily.

When asked about some recent fond memories, David shared that last year’s Protected Harbor Olympics event, as well as the Trailways Spiritual Camp, were opportunities to see close-up the ways our clients are encouraged and stimulated as they participate in group activities, individual challenges, and socialization. The opportunities to speak one-on-one with participants, learn about their likes and dislikes, and hear their personal stories were enlightening.

David desires to help Protected Harbor achieve its ambitious goals of expanding and evolving the ministry to serve a growing population. These goals include creating additional, specialized living environments and a greater variety of social services. All will be accomplished with God’s help, never neglecting the ethical principle of striving to provide an environment and safe harbor for our clients physically and spiritually.

David’s favorite verse exemplifies these standards: John 3:16, “As God loves us, so we love our neighbors.”