Kingdom Missions Conference

February 8th and 9th Protected Harbor Board members and staff participated in First Baptist Church of Naples annual Kingdom Missions Conference. It was an all-weekend affair focusing the community’s hearts and minds on opportunities to share the gospel of Jesus.

Special guest speaker Dr. Richard Taylor, Founder and President of Life Beyond Life, Inc., a ministry created to assist struggling and dying churches find life again through concentrated personal evangelism, strategic initiatives of systems and process, and leadership development, touched the hearts of many.

Jeff Buchholz, President of Protected Harbor spoke at the conference. All ears were tuned in as he shared about Protected Harbor’s history and got the audience excited about our mission.

First Baptist Church Naples is one of the largest supporters of Protected Harbor’s ministry. This was Protected Harbor’s third year participating in their Mission Conference. Conference participants had the opportunity to meet local mission partners and discover how to become more involved with sharing the Gospel within their community.

Protected Harbor Board members, Friends of the Board, and staff shared the mission and work that Protected Harbor has accomplished with Mission Conference attendees. There was an outpouring of interest and support as parishioners stopped at the booth offering to lend their services, volunteer, and even provide supplies to help move the mission forward. Jeff was featured during Sunday’s 9:30 service where he spoke about Protected Harbor’s history and the exciting future ahead.

“It was a wonderful event seeing the community come together and help support an organization that has the sole purpose of helping God’s children.” ~ Tanya Croy

Protected Harbor is always honored to connect with the community, educate our fellow brothers and sisters on what it is that we do, and give back our time.