Learn more about Cleo!

This month we would like to feature our warm and caring resident, Cleo. Her energy and positive spirit resonate with everyone who enters the doors at Protected Harbor. She is one of Protected Harbor’s very first residents. We have been blessed since the day that she decided to make Protected Harbor her home.

Cleo and all of the women have grown extremely close. Often times, they join together as a team to make dinner together. As the residents make dinner they usually talk, sing, and joke around. “What do you call a silent dog?” Ashley asks. “I know,” exclaims Cleo, “A hush puppy!” Being in attendance at a Protected Harbor dinner it is evident that God’s love is present throughout the home.

Three days of the week Cleo, Tiffany, and Kimber all attend a program called “Pathways to Opportunity” at Goodwill in Fort Myers. At the program, the women attend group classes that are based on the participant’s needs and interests. Some courses they have taken include money management, relationship building, computer skills, and performance arts.

Cleo’s favorite class is drawing. “I like to draw a lot of different things,” she explains. Cleo loves the color purple, chocolate, and spending time with the other ladies and the Protected Harbor support staff.

Cleo and the women also look forward to going on outings in the community. One of Cleo’s favorite activities is going out to eat with her housemates. All of the residents get a chance to select the restaurant. She will usually select Wendy’s! Two more of her favorite activities with the women are going to the movies and attending plays.

We are so grateful that the ladies have this home that allows them to express their unique gifts, talents, and interests. Please join us in praising God for this home which provides them with love, care, and an environment that glorifies God. Pray with us for Cleo, that she may continue to grow and flourish each day that she is with Protected Harbor.