Get to Know Kimber

In the midst of the happy commotion in the kitchen of the ladies Protected Harbor home, Kimber, a resident, gets ready to join the group in decorating cupcakes.  There are several types of frosting and sprinkles set out on the kitchen island to spread on the vanilla and white cupcakes.  Seeing that this could be an issue with 8 people reaching for the frosting at the same time, Kimber scoops out some of the frosting from the jar on to her paper plate which she can use to decorate all of her cupcakes.  “I used do crafts with elementary age children,” explains Kimber. She knows from experience how to make projects run more smoothly.

Kimber, along with the other ladies, engages in many activities outside the home. She has a varied and active schedule that keeps her connected with the community and greatly enjoys her time with each one. On Mondays, Kimber volunteers at a local food pantry.  There she takes in donated food from places like the Harry Chapin Food Bank and Walmart. She sorts the food and packs it into bags that the pantry’s counselors then give to people in need.

On Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Fridays, Kimber volunteers at the Clothes Closet which is a thrift shop that serves underprivileged people.  She is the only volunteer with a disability and has served there longer than any of the other volunteers.  She sorts the clothes by size, color and type and stocks the shelves.  She also interacts with customers when they come in by helping them pick out the outfit or pieces they are looking for.

After she is done at the Clothes Closet on Wednesdays, Kimber goes to her church where she make shawls as part of her church’s prayer shawl ministry.  She goes with a ministry team to present the shawls to people who are sick, in the hospital or are in need of prayer. She enjoys praying and socializing with them, and her visits lift the spirits of her neighbors in need.  Kimber also participates in her church choir, which involves attending choir practice on Wednesday evenings and singing in church services on Sunday mornings.

When Kimber and the other ladies are not volunteering or participating in other activities such as Special Olympic bowling and Special Equestrians horseback riding, they have time to socialize. Once a week, Kim and her housemate Janie go out with a friend from the community. On their excursions, they go shopping, to the movies, out to eat, to the beach or to a local park. The housemates and their house parents also go out to eat as a group at McDonald’s or someplace similar. Adding to her already busy schedule, Kimber attends dinner parties given by an 85 year old church parishioner who helps the ladies learn dining and restaurant etiquette while they enjoy fun meals together.

Spending time in the community is a great benefit to Kimber. However, the organizations and people she comes in contact with feel they are the ones benefiting by being involved with this gentle and caring woman. Kimber’s story is just one example of the rich and connected lives the residents lead because they live in a Protected Harbor home.

All of our ladies are special and are God’s beloved children.  We are so grateful for these opportunities to interact, socialize and rejoice in the blessings our ladies receive. Please pray for the continued enrichment and well-being of our ladies.

Ephesians 4:15 “But speaking the truth in love, we are to grow up in all aspects into Him who is the head, even Christ.”