Monthly Devotional: Does God Need Us?

“You do not have because you do not ask God.” James 4:2b (NIV)


Thoughts on the verse:

Much of our life is a series of needs. As humans living on Earth we have needs that must be met, such as food, shelter, and love. Because these are the basic standards of life, most people feel entitled to these things. At Protected Harbor, we are blessed by God to see that not all of these needs are automatically granted to every person. We find that many people are actually in need of one or all of these things. We believe that our residents and support staff were guided to the Protected Harbor houses when they began praying to God for their needs. God answered their prayers and led them to our doors. The stories of our residents are synonymous with all of God’s children. If you do not turn to God to ask for the things that you need, then you may not receive them. If you turn your faith to God, He will provide for you.


Our prayer:

Dear Lord, we thank you for everything that you provide us with in our lives. We know that we owe everything in our lives to you and for that we are grateful. We ask that you provide for the people around us with food, shelter, and love. Dear Lord, we ask that you assist us at Protected Harbor and inspire more people to support our mission. We pray to you that no person will lack the fundamentals that are necessary for a basic human life, so that they may serve you to the best of their ability. In Jesus’ name we pray, Amen.