Staff Spotlight: Meet Amanda Ranalli

2022 was indeed a successful year of growth and expansion. We thank our faithful partners who support us financially, by volunteering, and with prayer. As a result of our success in serving an increasing number of clients in Southwest Florida, the need for additional staff became essential. We are therefore pleased to announce that Amanda Ranalli joined our team in August as our newest Supportive Living Coach.

Amanda’s focus is working outside the parameters of our residential group homes. She reaches out to clients who have greater independence but need guidance doing what we might consider ordinary daily tasks such as balancing their checkbooks or maintaining their living space. She provides training and support to help clients adapt and live their very best lives despite any developmental obstacles they possess. Amanda also performs a role in Protected Harbor’s “companion services” module, by assisting our clients in participating in activities outside their homes. Going on walks, shopping, social outings, and community activities are where Amanda’s help becomes essential.

Amanda feels that the work here really matters to those receiving her services. To her, that is priceless. It fulfills her innate desire to help others in a direct, hands-on manner. Following her interview with Robin Antone and the description of her role, she believes she belongs here at this point in her life. The smiles generated when she works closely with the men and women in her care confirm that her service is meaningful and appreciated.

Amanda was born and raised in Illinois and moved to Florida six years ago. She attended Florida Gulf Coast University and graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in December 2021. Shortly after graduation, she began a job doing administrative work and supervising case management in a Mental Health Clinic in Ft. Myers. This was a good beginning for this recent graduate, but she yearned for a role that would offer opportunities to work more closely with persons in need. She wanted something that made a more personal impact on someone’s life. Thus, finding Protected Harbor was the answer to prayers. While working with us, she is continuing her education with plans to achieve a master’s degree and eventually become a licensed Mental Health Counselor.

During her spare time, if she can find any, Amanda loves to share outdoor activities with her boyfriend, Juan. They enjoy exploring new restaurants to experience different foods, solidifying her self-described “foodie” label. At all times, Amanda never misses an opportunity to tell others about Protected Harbor, the great work done there, and the many community members who need our services. Our clients would agree!