Staff Spotlight: Meet Cindy & Pete Garritt

Cindy-Pete and Daughter

Cindy and Pete Garritt joined Protected Harbor two years ago as Direct Support Professionals. They began living and working at our Briarcliff home and moved to the El Camino residence in March 2022.

The couple is originally from Colorado. Until her retirement in 2020, Cindy worked as a coordinator opening new Walmart stores, then as a flight attendant for a major airline. Meanwhile, Pete worked for the city of Denver, a job he kept for 25 years. They made the move to Florida five years ago.

Their involvement with Protected Harbor has personal meaning. They lost a son with special needs in 2019. This gave them the impetus to become involved with the adult population having the same needs as their deceased son. They feel purposeful and fulfilled in contributing to the lives of this very special group of people.

The Garritts were introduced to our ministry by other Protected Harbor staff members who attended the same Bible study in Lakeland. The minute an opening occurred at Protected Harbor, they jumped at the opportunity to join us. Since then, they have learned to love both the residents and their co-workers.

The opportunity to see the smiles generated during special activities, such as the sunset cruise offered by Freedom Waters, created an unforgettable memory that will remain with them forever. Another activity that created smiles and joy was the group visit to Orlando, where they spent four days exploring new and exciting locales.

Cindy says that the residents have taught her that we are all human, despite our differences, and that God cares for and loves us all equally. Everyone involved works together for the betterment of God’s special people, fulfilling the ministry’s mission.

During their free time, Pete and Cindy enjoy spending time with their daughter and son-in-law, who live in Tennessee. Their favorite Bible chapter is John 15.