Staff Spotlight: Meet Pat & Debbie Kappenman’s

Pat and Debbie Kappenman joined Protected Harbor in August 2020 serving as Direct Support Professionals in one of our group homes. Even at a time of worldwide turmoil and pandemic, God heard our prayers and sent the Kappenman’s who embraced their new roles with enthusiasm despite the challenges.

The calling to embrace our ministry came naturally to them. They were acquainted with former staff members who told them about the amazing work being done here for God’s special people. Since joining our organization, the Kappenman’s have bonded with the residents and reached out to other clients in the community through friendship and care. Their leadership provides valuable life-skills training and spiritual growth. This couple enjoys fun events, such as the annual Night to Shine and parties at the homes as well as being there to console residents when they are going through difficult times. The clients are examples every day that all human beings, despite their circumstances, are created in God’s image.

Before joining Protected Harbor Debbie worked as a bookkeeper for a church, but her main role was being a full-time mom for her children. Pat, meanwhile, came from a career in finance and marketing and served as the pastor of a church. Now they are busy helping our clients live their best lives while sharing their enthusiasm about this mission and the growing demand by thousands of others who need our services in southwest Florida. The love Pat and Debbie have for others is exemplified in their message that we should never avoid people with perceived disabilities because we are missing out on the joy of knowing some truly amazing people.

During the rare times, they have to relax, the Kappenman’s enjoy reading, spending time with each other, and traveling. Their favorite book of the Bible is Romans 8. We are truly blessed with this couple as part of our staff.